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How did we create such an incredible Value?

We didn’t set out to build a inexpensive walk-in tub by cutting corners.  Rather we set out to build what we consider to be the best walk-in tub.  How did we create such an incredible value?  It’s straightforward.  We got our hands dirty from design to build to testing.  And, along the way became highly efficient.  In fact, you’ll find our signature on every Value Walk-In Tub.

Value Walk-In Tubs

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    Easy Access For Your Convenience

    Value Walk-In Tubs come with a swinging door for a quick and easy entrance. And, the textured floor makes it nearly slip resistant!

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    Healing And Relaxation Properties

    Enjoy therapeutic features which will ease tension with our air & hydrotherapy system along with an inline heat system!

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    Customer Service Assistance

    Give us a call today and have someone from our team assist you with your Value Walk-In Tub questions.

Value Walk-In Tubs Testing Footage

Questions? Ask Our Specialists!